Batch of contraband cigarettes arrested on border with Lithuania

Cigarettes, seized by the Lithuanian border guards. Photo:

Lithuanian border guards at the border crossing point “Beniakoni-Salcininkai” have detained a large batch of smuggled cigarettes from Belarus, the Customs Service of Lithuania reports.

On the evening on April 11, a Belarusian driver arrived at the checkpoint in a DAF van. He then told the customs officers that he was carrying cardboard in transit through Lithuania to Poland. But X-rays revealed cavities inside the cardboard, which contained about 300 thousand packs of cigarettes “NZ Gold” and “Minsk Superslims” with an estimated value of more than EUR 1 million.

The driver was released on bail. He also had to sign a pledge not to leave the country.

Also in April, Russian investigators opened a criminal case against three residents of the Smolensk region, who had been smuggling Belarusian cigarettes into Russia.