Russia’s FSB arrest Belarusian activist for alleged plotting terrorist attack at nuke station

Dzmitry Razanovich, a resident of Homel, was detained when crossing the Ukraine-Russia border in the night of 13 March, human rights centre Viasna reports. Mr Razanovich is an activist of the anarchist movement in Belarus. He also participated in the protests on the Maidan.

Mr Razanovich was heading for Kursk through Moscow. He happened to have a brother’s passport instead of his, and the border guards handed him over to representatives of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service), who escorted Mr Razanovich to Kursk. Now he is in custody, the case is being investigated. However, his relatives were not allowed to visit the activist.

Rфzanovich’s friends say that “in the near future a lawyer will go there and new details will be announced”.

The FSB’s Kursk department, apart from illegal crossing the state border, charged the activist with plotting a terrorist attack at Kursk Nuclear Power Plant., via

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