Ousted Ukrainian president sends message to compatriots: Call for referendums!

Viktor Yanukovych gave a written address to the Ukrainian people. He urged them to hold referendums on the status of each region within Ukraine. Mr Yanukovych still considers himself a legitimate leader of the country.

“As the president whose thoughts and heart are together with you, I call on each reasonable citizen of Ukraine – don’t let the impostors use you! Demand a referendum on the determination of the status of each region within Ukraine,” Russian agency ITAR-TASS quotes him as saying.

Only an all-Ukrainian referendum, but not early presidential elections, can significantly stabilize the situation and preserve Ukraine’s integrity, Mr Yanukovych believes. The anti-constitutional amendments made to the legislation, in particular, on presidential elections in Ukraine, “rule out the chance for fair elections, whenever they are held”, he said.

Mr Yanukovych’s address is “an invention” and “a call to break up the country”, Ukrainian MPs say.

The new authorities announced earlier that Ukraine would be holding early presidential elections on May 25.

www.belsat.eu/en, via itar.tass

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