Classified letter to Obama: Russia preparing for war

Russia might invade eastern and southern Ukraine, Moldova’s Transnistrian region (Transdniestria) and attempt to grab territories in the Baltic states, the US Congress’ House Armed Services Committee warn.

The classified letter sent to the White House by members of the House Armed Services Committee was published only after US army and intelligence officials submitted information on Russia’s possible actions to Congress.

“Russia has no capabilities to attempt on the [NATO] Alliance, it has neither financial nor military capabilities to do so,” Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius told journalists on Thursday. At that Mr Linkevičius stressed that Moscow might try to invade eastern Ukraine or Moldova.

“Its not viable to speak about attacks against the Baltic states. The real threat is further invasion into Ukraine’s territories. I also mentioned Moldova. We definitely need to stop this redrawing of Europe’s borders in the twenty first century, especially by a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a dangerous fact,” he said.

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday renewed NATO collective defence commitments to Central and Eastern European countries concerned about Russia’s actions. He also urged increasing defence spending in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis., via

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