Ukraine’s presidential elections: Klitschko to support candy tycoon

Petro Poroshenko, Roshen group owner, is the most popular presidential candidate, recent opinion polls say.

According to the Rating sociological group and The Razumkov centre’s estimations, 84 % of Ukrainians are going to cast their votes in the snap presidential elections on May, 25.

36.2% of those who have already decided are in favour of Mr Poroshenko while 12.9 % and 12 % are about to vote for Vitali Klitschko, a politician and a former professional boxer, and Yuliya Tsimoshenko, an ex-Prime Minister, respectively.

If the chocolate king goes into the second round he will stand a fair chance of becoming President, the sociologists state. In accordance with Mr Klitschko’s words, if Mr Poroshenko wins the first round he will be backing him in the second., following

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