Russia blames Ukrainian authorities for violence in Donetsk, intends to protect ‘compatriots’

‘Peaceful demonstrators’ who made a stand against the interim Ukrainian authorities were attacked by armed right-wing radical groups yesterday in Donetsk, Russia’s Foreign Ministry states.

‘Tragic events happened in Donetsk on March 13, 2014. Armed right-wing radical groups attacked peaceful demonstrators, who wanted to express their attitude towards the destructive position of people who named themselves as the Ukrainian authorities. As a result of the clashes one person died and many people were injured,’ the statement says.

The events in Ukraine proved that Kiev’s authorities were unable to control the situation in the country, the Ministry stressed.

‘We reiterated that those who came to power in Kyiv should disarm rioters and ensure security of the population and their legal right to assemblies,’ Russian diplomats said.

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‘Russia fully realizes its responsibility for compatriots’ lives in Ukraine and reserves the right to protect these people,’ the Ministry emphasized in the statement.

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According to numerous eyewitnesses, it is the pro-Russian activists who committed an assault on those who were in favour of the unity of Ukraine. Up to three persons are dead, over 50 injured.

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