Just covering, not picketing: case filed against Belsat TV contributor

Journalist Maryna Mauchanava, who works for newspaper ‘The Babruysk Courier’ and contributes to Belsat TV, has been questioned by police. Earlier she covered the picket in support of Ukraine which was held in Babruysk on March, 6.

On Tuesday police officer Siarhei Rudzko phoned Ms Mauchanava and demanded she should come to the police station so that they could draw up a protocol. The journalist reminded Mr Rudzko that, according to the regulations, a summons is to be delivered to her first.

A case was initiated against her according to Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (‘Violation of order of organisation or holding of a mass event or picket’). Today an interrogation transcript has been drawn up. On March 17 she is to appear again.


Two persons carrying a banner ‘We are against war’ took to the streets of Babruysk on March 6. Shortly before picketer Halina Smirnova had asked for permission to organise an anti-war picket but the town authorities refused to sanction it. Nevertheless, the woman managed to express expressed her protest in a peaceful way.


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