Kherson: Russian troops allegedly mining fields along Crimean border (video)

It seems that a kind of border has appeared between Kherson region and Crimea:

Ukrainians are pulling their troops in here, which is still called ‘military exercises’. They are being held in the immediate vicinity of the narrow neck of land connecting Crimea with the southern regions of Ukraine. The date of their completion has not been scheduled yet, they seem to be termless. In spite of Russia’s army occupation of Ukrainian military bases, of Ukraine, the regular provocative acts and diversions, Ukraine’s Defense Minnistry keeps centering additional forces and equipment on the border with Crimea. Kyiv has still refrained from transferring troops to the separatist peninsula.

English subs:

{movie}10.03.2014: Russian troops allegedly mining fields along Crimean border|right|15285{/movie}

Not numerous Ukrainian garrisons in Crimea are alone in their standoff against Russia’s army and the Crimean authorities [disobeying Kyiv]. According to the unconfirmed data, Russian troops are mining fields along the Crimean border, guided missile cruiser Moskva is heading for the peninsula, another Russian landing operation is expected. Romania, Bulgaria, the USA started military exercises in the Black Sea. The chances that the conflict will be resolved by force remain high. Although bilateral agreements provide only 11,000, there are over 30,000 Russian militants in Crimea, and the number is still increasing. Russians keep bringing more and more weapons, including multiple rocket launchers. As for Ukraine, at the moment it has solely outworn Soviet military equipment here.

Arkadz Nestsiarenka, Belsat TV

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