Frightening solidarity: Brest city authorities ban march in support of Ukraine

Brest City Executive Committee has banned a march in support of the Ukrainian people, which local opposition activists planned to hold on March 10.

No more than 15 people were expected to take part in the march, scheduled for noon, Uladzimir Vuyek, chairman of the Brest regional organization of the United Civic Party, said.

‘In their reply to my application, the city government explains that our march would take place less than 50 metres from public buildings, which is prohibited by the Law on Mass Events,’ Mr Vuyek said. ‘The authorities gave the same explanation for their ban on a march that we planned to stage on December, 21 in support of the Euromaidan protesters.’

The acivist considers these prohibition as violations of people’s constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and expression. ‘We will appeal the ban and argue that the Brest government granted permission for activists of pro-democracy forces to hold a May Day procession along the same route on May 1, 2013,’ Mr. Vuyek said. ‘More than 100 people took part in that procession.’, following BelaPAN

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