Anti-war protest in Babruysk (photos)

Two persons carrying a banner ‘We are against war’ took to the streets of Babruysk yesterday. ‘I am a mother and a grandmother, and the fact that we are on the brink of was is of great concern to me,’ the picketer told Belsat TV.

Shortly before picketer Halina Smirnova had asked for permission to organise an anti-war picket but the town authorities refused to sanction it. Nevertheless, the woman expressed her protest.

‘We want to draw the authorities’ and people’s attention to the fact that we are on the brink of war. Our people obtain little information about it, and moreover, very often it is distorted. As I am a mother, a grandmother, I can’t sit idle. If we don’t react our children and grandchildren won’t forgive us,’ the woman said.

The event was peaceful. Nobody prevented Halina and her friend from walking the streets and carrying the banner. The cars driving by were hooping. When Halina was on the way home, police officers asked her to show her documents.

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