Old Ukrainian lady to U.S.Secretary of State: God forbid we have another Yanukovych (video)

Visiting the barricades in Instytutskaya street in Kyiv, John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, heard out Lidiya Ivashchanka, a 78-year-old peasant woman.

Ms Ivashchanka asked the top official whether he understood Ukrainian. Then, with the help of an interpreter, she offered advice to Mr Kerry.

‘Tell your leaders: God forbid that one rules a country as Yanykovych ruled. He fled from us, you know. Yanukovych has never understood us, has never followed the voice of people. Our people couldn’t stand any more and had to take to the streets. Poverty has forced us [to make a stand against him]. He provided a normal life to rich people, but neither Yanukovych nor the parliament gave the ear to the poor. It is his fault. That is why he escaped his people,’ the Ukrainian pensioner told Mr Kerry.

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After the U.S. Secretary of State asked for her assessment of Russian troops’ presence in Crimea the woman blamed Yanukovych for his decision to extend the period of Russia’s Black See Fleet on the peninsula for 25 years.


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