Ukrainian naval officers decline to turn coat (video)

On March, 3 officers took part in an assembly at Ukraine’s Naval Forces headquarters. Serhiy Haiduk, Ukraine’s acting navy chief, and Denis Berezovsky, a former chief, addressed to the assembly and threw the officers into a dilemma in some way.

On March 1 Ukraine’s Interim President, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov appointed rear admiral Denis Berezovsky commander-in-chief of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. A few hours later, the former Ukrainian Navy chief allegedly pledged allegiance to the Crimean people. His defection immediately resulted in the Ukraine launching a treason case against him and the appointment of Serhiy Hayduk as his successor.

Offering benefits Mr Berezovsky tried to persuade officers to resubordinate to the illegal ‘government of Crimea’.

{movie}Officers’ assembly at Ukraine’s Naval Forces headquarters.|right|15116{/movie}

Realizing that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is in progress, most of them turned down Berezovsky’s offers to pledge the allegiance to ‘the people of Crimea’ and sang the national anthem of Ukraine (watch video at 3:40).

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