Minsk police arrest Belarusians condemning Russia’s intervention (photo, video)

A group of civil activists who intended to express their protest against Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. Journalists who were going to cover the protest action have been released by the moment.

Ex-political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich, a co-chair of youth opposition organisation Young Front, is among the detainees. The activist was to have handed over a petition to the Russian embassy but policemen arrested him, his wife Nasta Dashkevich says.

According to eyewitnesses, there were police cars and prison cars near the building of the embassy, its security having been tightened by plainclothed persons. Hardly had civil activists and journalists turned up police started detaining them. They grabbed over 30 persons, including casual passers-by. It is curious but they took even Alexander Pchelintsev, the Russian embassy’s officer.

Shortly before Young Front announced their soon-to-be-held action of protest near the Russian embassy on its website. The oppositionists also wanted to address to the Russian diplomats with the petition against ‘Russia’s occupation of Crimea’ but in vain.

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All the participants including reporters were taken to Tsentralny district directorate of interior. After identifying persons police officers started releasing journalists at about 3 pm. It is Aliaksandr Barsukou, head of Minsk police, who ran the detention of journalists.

The civil activists are still at the police station. It is highly likely that they will stand trial.


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