Polish MoD: Belarus security forces assisted migrants in crossing border again

Belarusians, namely special ops unit (spetsnaz), help a group of migrants force the Belarus-Poland border on the night of November 18 with the help of the Polish Ministry of Defence reported on Twitter on Thursday morning.

According to the ministry, the Belarusian troops conducted reconnaissance, damaged the border fence and forced migrants to throw stones at the Polish military to distract them. At the same time, at a distance of several hundred metres from them, another group of migrants attempted to illegally cross the border. The incident took place near the village of Dubiczy Cerkiewne. About a hundred migrants were detained by Polish services.

On November 17, Polish police officers were attacked near the village of Połówce by men dressed in Belarusian uniforms who were throwing stones at them. One of the stones hit a Polish policeman.

  • On November 16, a group of migrants who were seeking to illegally cross the Belarus-EU border, started to throw stones, logs, metal pieces at Polish border guards from the Belarusian side.
  • The video published by Poland’s Defence Ministry shows that Belarusian security officers who were behind the migrants did not allow them to leave the border area. Aaccording to the Polish Border Guard Service, the Belarusian side provided migrants with ‘special equipment’.
  • To stop the attackers, Polish officers resorted to using tear gas and water cannons.

Belarus officers took part in Tuesday’s migrant attack on border, Polish police claim