Homiel activist who sent over 2K letters to political prisoners gets 25 days in jail

‘Write Letters!’ on Illya Mironau’s T-shirt. Photo: viasna96 / Telegram

On Wednesday, Homiel-based volunteer Illya Mironau appeared before a local court. He was found guilty of picketing, Silnye Novosti reports.

Mironau is known for his actively writing letters to political prisoners; by the moment, the number of the letters sent has exceeded 2,000. On August 17, he was detained on a flimsy basis – the man was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription ‘Write Letters!’

On August 18, a hearing of Mironau’s case was held in Homiel, According to the authorities’ version, the defendant dressed in a ‘Write Letters’ T-shirt staged a picket at the walls of the local pre-trial detention centre.

In court, Illya Mironau referred to the famous book character Ostap Bender and his famous call ‘Write letters!’. However, the judge sentenced him to 25 days in jail.

Earlier, the police detained Illya Mironau in July; he was released after spending 8 days in custody.

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