Human rights activist Stefanovich and ‘Nasha Niva’ staff withheld parcels

Valentin Stefanovich was put in a cell with four other people, reports the HRC Viasna.

“All political. Including prosecutor Yauhen Babak. The parcel was not given to me. There are no mattresses. They did not beat me,” said Valyantsin’s wife Alina.

Also, the newspaper informs that detained ‘Nasha Niva’ staff are not given their parcels on Akrestsina, the media report.

The detained employees of “Nasha Niva” have been kept behind bars, in a temporary detention facility on Akrestsina street, for more than a week. On 15 July, staff members of the TDF took parcels from the detainees’ relatives, but our colleagues have still not received their groceries and things.

Thus, for over a week, the detainees have been in the same clothes they were arrested in, without change of clothes, basic hygiene products, or any extra food or drink. It is unknown what happened to the packages that relatives bought with their own money and gave them. The humanitarian kits given to the detainees by the “Red Cross” in Akrestsin street were not given to them either. People in the isolation center sleep on the floor or the beds without linen or mattresses. All this is a gross violation of the law and internal rules of the TDF.

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