Majority of Russians proud of war with Ukraine, experts say

In late February and mid-March, independent Russian sociologists conducted two polls at once to survey Russians’ sentiments about the war with Ukraine. The results of the poll were obtained by Radio Liberty.

Unmarked military personnel. Bugas village, Ukraine. March 1, 2022.
Photo: MP / Belsat

Nearly three-quarters of Russia’s population, or 71%, support war with Ukraine. Based on the results of two polls conducted in late February and mid-March by independent sociologists, the majority of Russians feel pride, joy, respect, trust, and hope over the attack on their neighbor.

The differences between the February and March polls show an increase in the number of Russians who support the “military operation” and the independence of the so-called DNR and LNR. But people are increasingly pessimistic about their financial situation due to Western sanctions.

The surveys also showed that three-quarters of the Russian population learn about the war from television. Of those who use the Internet to learn about the war, 37 percent do not know what a VPN is. YouTube is used by 11% of respondents and Telegram by 7%.

One-third of respondents said they firmly believe Putin is acting in their interests, and another 26% believe he is acting in their interests to some extent. Overall, the majority of Russians believe it would be better if Putin remained president as long as possible. This opinion is most common among television audiences.