All Belarusians detained in Kyiv walk free

The Belarusian House in Ukraine has reported about the release of the Belarusians, who were detained by the Security Service of Ukraine on September 16 and stresses that they are all fine.

Belarusian House invites everyone to come to Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Sunday, September 19 at 14:00 to discuss this case and other similar situations and understand how to “protect yourself from the danger of being detained because you are Belarusian.”

On September 16, the Security Service of Ukraine came to the house, which the Belarusian refugees were renting, and detained four people. Then the Belarusian House in Ukraine reported that 12 Belarusians had been detained.

Among the detainees was volunteer Alena Zharkevich, who helps people relocate from Belarus. She came to Ukraine this year with her son and helped hundreds of Belarusians who found themselves in the country without housing or documents. Several days ago, she dealt with the legalization of one of the refugees, who also left Belarus. Together with Alena, three more people were detained. One of them was a former policeman Yahor Yemelyanau, who left the Interior Ministry on August 11, 2020.

Later, the spokesman of the Security Service of Ukraine Artiom Dekhterenko said that the Belarusians were detained as part of Operation Migrant.