Information Ministry updates list of extremist channels

Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus. Photo: gs. by

It now includes the chats of Novaya Baravaya and “Country for Life,” Andrei Pauk’s channel, and others, according to the Ministry.

“Country for Life” is a movement and foundation of political prisoner Syarhei Tsikhanouski, who was imprisoned more than a year ago after he began collecting signatures for the nomination of a presidential candidate. His wife, Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, supported by “Country for Life,” became a candidate instead of him.

Novaya Baravaya is a popular neighborhood near Minsk that was particularly active during the 2020 protests. Many residents put up flags, often gathered at protests, trolled the security forces with “layered” banners, and held yard roll calls.

For a long time, law enforcement officers patrolled Novaya Baravaya, including harshly detaining people. In winter, after a mysterious accident, the neighborhood was left without water for three days. Security guards have put up red-green flags on several high buildings in the area and are demanding money from residents to guard them.

Andrei Pavuk‘s Telegram channel, “Rudabelsk ostentatiousness,” was also labeled as extremist. Now known as a member of the duo “The Red Green,” the blogger had previously shown the absurd life of his hometown and mocked officials. He is also the author of the jokingly patriotic song “I am from the village,” which some took too seriously.

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