Homiel resident wished death to Adolf Hitler on Internet, police reacted

According to the Interior Ministry, criminal charges have been filed against a Homiel resident for “numerous insults of authorities.”

The 34-year-old loader from Homiel was detained by riot policemen back in April – he was accused of insulting the assistant prosecutor on the Internet. At the same time, a police press release said that they found “an object similar to a gun during a search of his apartment.”

A new press release from the Interior Ministry makes no mention of this object. But it claims that between December and April, the man published “dozens of negative comments about officials, judges, deputies, and law enforcement officers” on his Telegram channel.

“Moreover, the man publicly and repeatedly insulted the president of Belarus, in connection with the performance of his official powers. For the same reason, an employee of the Minsk riot police was defamed in March, and in April – a police officer of the Department of Internal Affairs Protection,” claimed the anti-crime unit representative.

Screenshot from the video of the Interior Ministry / YouTube

Interestingly, the Interior Ministry illustrated the words “insulting the President of Belarus” in the video with a post of a Homiel resident wishing death to Adolf Hitler. Apparently, for them by Hitler, the detainee meant Lukashenka.

Criminal cases have been instituted against the loader for insulting Lukashenka and representatives of the authorities.