Pinsk: Local charity organisation head accused of ‘financing protesters’

The Pinsk prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against local resident Sh. under Part 2 of Article 342 (‘organisation of actions that grossly violate public order’) of the Criminal Code.

“Through the charity organisation its head Sh. allocated financial and other aid to the participants of the illegal mass events that took place in Pinsk in August 2020; they were aimed at destabilising the social and political situation. Such activities are nothing but a gross violation of the law and harm state and public interests,” the statement reads.

The press service failed to give the full name of the woman, but they apparently . Mean Alena Shymolina, the founder of the Paleskaya Dabrynya private charity organisation. In the course of the election campaign, Shymolina showed support for Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s strongest opponent Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, when the post-election protests broke out,she helped victims of repression and persecution.

In March the Belarusian authorities closed down the charity organisation headed by Alena Shymolina. Then the office of Paleskaya Dabrynya and Shymolina’s place were raided; as a result of the searches, computer equipment was confiscated. After the hours-long interrogation by officers of the Financial Iinvestigations Department, the woman was released. However, in fear of being arrested, Alena Shymolina and her daughter left Belarus for Poland.

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