Journalist Yan Roman detained in Hrodna

Yan Roman. Photo:

Hrodna-based journalist Yan Roman, who contributes to Belsat TV, has been detained on Wednesday.

He was just walking down the street when the local police took him away. The journalist is now being held in Leninski district police department of Hrodna, the son says. His place was searched; a laptop and a mobile phone have been seized.

Yan Roman is accused of ‘financing the protests’. He allegedly paid fines that had been previously imposed on two persons over their participating in peaceful rallies, the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) said on Twitter.

(UPD) At about 6 pm, Yan Roman has been released. According to the updated information, he was taken to the local department of the Directorate for Combatting Financial Crime.

As reported earlier, Yan Roman was brutally detained near Kastrychnitski district office of internal affairs amid post-election protests on August, 10. Then, the Hrodna resident happened to be one of the worst-hit Belsat TV contributors who got into the police’s hands; OMON riot policemen struck him down to the ground and started battering with truncheons, which resulted in knocking four teeth out, breaking his nose and facial bones.

Later, the journalist was tried and fined; the attackers remained unpunished.

Belarus authorities’ hunt for journalists amid post-election protests