16-year-old teenager who tore down red-green flag gets freedom restriction

The young man pleaded partially guilty.

The court of Drahichyn district recently heard the criminal case against 16-year-old Alyaksandr Nestsyaruk, who was accused of abuse of state symbols (Article 370 of the Criminal Code). The case was considered by the head of the court Lyavontsi Stankevich, spring96.org reports.

Alyaksandr Nestsyaruk in the courtroom. Photo by spring96.org

According to the prosecution, Alyaksandr Nestsyaruk was on the porch of the House of Culture in the village of Antopol on November 7 and “deliberately tore down the national flag”, destroying the flagpole worth 10 Belarusian rubles.

The young man partially admitted guilt: the flagpole really broke, but there was no mockery of the flag. He compensated the material damage.

As a result of the trial, the young man was subjected to compulsory measures of educational character: restriction of freedom for 6 months. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. he now has to stay at his place of residence and come once a month to register with the body that monitors his behavior.



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