Lukashenka extends visa-free entry to Belarus for foreigners

On September 14th, Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed a decree amending the document “On establishing a visa-free entry and exit for foreign nationals. This decree was published on September 15 on the national legal Internet portal.

The visa-free entry for foreigners in Belarus has been expanded. Previously, foreign nationals could enter our country for 30 days without a visa only through the National Airport in Minsk. The list of airports to enter Belarus has been expanded. One can cross the border without a visa through Brest, Vitsebsk, Homiel, Hrodna, and Mahiliou.

There is no full text of the decree available yet. But the legal portal indicates that by his decree, Lukashenka has also established a list of states whose citizens are allowed to visit Belarus without a visa. It’s not specified what these countries are.

Following the incident with the Ryanair plane, the EU countries imposed a ban on the flights of Belavia in their airspace. Flights of Western companies also bypass the airspace of Belarus and do not land in our country.