Captain Dzyanis Urad to stand another trial

Dzyanis and Iryna Urad. Photo from the family archive.

The Supreme Court will consider an application to change the sentence of former General Staff Captain Dzyanis Urad, convicted of “treason against the state,” according to the list of court hearings available on the Supreme Court website.

The case will be considered on August 18 “in connection with changes in legislation.”

Judge Alyaksandr Lupinovich will hear case #1U212 in a closed session. The beginning is at 10:00.

The court might change the term of imprisonment, taking into account the new norms of the legislation, according to which one day in the jail is counted as one and a half-day in the colony.

What relatives say

In an interview with Belsat, Dzyanis Urad’s relatives said they knew nothing about the new trial and had learned about it from the media. The officer himself wrote nothing about it in his letters.

He also said that he was “fine, working, doing sports and reading books.”

The 29-year-old special officer of the General Staff was charged under part 2 of article 356 of the Criminal Code (“Treason against the state by a person who has the status of a serviceman”). The authorities saw the reason for this accusation in the fact that on March 14th, he photographed a secret letter from Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Kubrakou to Minister of Defense Viktar Khrenin and “sent it to the Polish telegram channel.” In the letter, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, contrary to the Constitution, asked for 3,725 soldiers to guard facilities on the eve of Freedom Day.

Dzyanis Urad was detained on March 16, and the court issued its verdict on May 14 — less than two months later. The trial was held behind closed doors. The same Alyaksandr Lupinovich sentenced the officer to 18 years in jail. The court decision came into force at its announcement and could not be appealed or contested on appeal.

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