Babaryka’s, Kalesnikava’s lawyer Illya Saley not under house arrest anymore

Illya Saley.

A measure of restraint applied against Illya Saley, a legal adviser of imprisoned might-have-been presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka, has been updated; from now on, he is allowed to leave his place, go out to work, travel across the country.

At the sąme time, the man remains a defendant under Article 361 of the Criminal Code; he is obliged to appear when summoned by investigators and the court.

For seven months, Illya had to stay in his apartment; he was deprived of the opportunity to even go for a walk or contact his friends. Only his lawyer had the permission from the authorities to visit Saley; he provided the client with food products and took out the garbage.

Illya Saley worked as a lawyer at Babaryka’s election office; he was a legal representative of opposition activist Maryia Kalesnikava as well. On September 9, he was detained as part of the so called Coordination Council case along with another lawyer, Maksim Znak. On the back of Alyaksandr Lukashenka‘s meeting with political prisoners in the KGB prison, Saley’s measure of restraint was changed. On October 17, he was reported to be placed under house arrest.

As reported earlier, Lukashenkas strongest rival Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya initiated the creation of the Coordination Council as part of taking urgent measures to restore law and order in Belarus as well as to ensure the transfer of power in the country. Belarus’ Prosecutor General initiated criminal proceedings over establishing the Council, naming it a ‘threat to national security’. The authorities believe the body aims at seizing power in Belarus.

House arrest of Maryia Kalesnikava’s lawyer extended for third time