Political prisoner Syarhei Sparysh charged with obstructing Belarus election authorities’ work

Policemen detaining Syarhei Sparysh in court. Photo: spring96.org

On March 16, the Supreme Court of Belarus updated Monday’s information provided by the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding the criminal case against five persons charged with ‘preparation for participation in mass riots’ (Art. 293-2 of the Criminal Code).

As reported earlier, one of them is accused of ‘obstructing the work of the Central Election Commission (Art. 191 of the Criminal Code). According to the Supreme Court, it is the Narodnaya Hramada activist Syarhei Sparysh who has faced the charge. If found guilty under the article, the political prisoner may face up to five years of imprisonment. The activist is also prosecuted for allegedly training persons and other kinds of prepping for participation in mass riots (Art. 293-3).

The case against Syarhei Sparysh and his four companions in misfortune is be considered by Minsk Regional Court. Other defendants are Syarhei Yarashevich, an administrator of Telegram channel Army with the Nation; Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s election agent Antanina Kanavalava, blogger Syarhei Korshun, and Y. Pryvalau. The exact date of the trial is still unknown.

Syarhei Sparysh, Spokesman for the Narodnaya Hramada association and an associate of imprisoned politician Mikalai Statkevich, has been behind bars since June, 25. Then he was detained by plainclothes policemen in his flat in Minsk on June, 25. Witnesses claim that he was being dragged along the stairs; the ununiformed officers did not allow him to get dressed. His parents got hurt as well, Sparysh’s friends said.

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