Baumgertner spied upon at Belarusian hotel?

According to an e-mail Belsat TV got from a member of Europe hotel staff, before a distinguished guest’s arrival a special meeting was held there. As a result, all the room maids were released from doing their shift: the floor the guest was living on was served by third persons. People sitting in unnumbered Volkswagen minibuses were keeping watching the entrance: their windshields were smoked. But when state TV channels were covering the arrest of Vladislav Baumgertner some employees recognized the hotel’s recent guest.

It is to be recalled that after a talk to Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich Uralkali’s director general was arrested. He is to spend 2 months in custody, and the term may be extended. publishes the full text of the message.


I have some information about detained Mr Baumgertner. He arrived in Minsk and checked in Europe hotel.

Before his arrival a meeting was held at Europe hotel at which clear instructions were given: all the room mades were to be taken away from the floor that this man was about to stay on. They told us a special guest was due to arrive, and another shift of room maids would be giving service to him (but there is no other shift at the hotel). The entire floor was served by odd men [not belonging to the hotel staff – Belsat]. Within some days there were unnumbered tinted-window administrative use vehicles (Volkswagen minibuses). We got to know that the man who was staying at our hotel is Mr Baumgertner from yesterday’s news. This man is sure to have stayed at our hotel.”



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