Belavia takes notice of ‘acute situation’ in Egypt

The national air company has made a decision to suspend flights to Egypt in September.

Last week the Belarusian Ministry of Sports and Tourism called Belarusian travel companies to hold off sales of Egypt tours and refund money paid to people who refuse to fly to the country.

The Ministry also advises Belarusians not to travel there until the situation normalizes.

Meanwhile, Russian travel agencies are unlikely to stop selling tours to Egypt. Moreover, some are not even aware of the turmoil, newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets reports.

The scale of confrontation between ousted President Morsi’s opponents and supporters has hardly reduced since June 26: a number of protest actions might well turn to a civil war. Death toll is reportedly climbing to 1,000, a lot of people being injured. Egypt declared a month-long state of emergency imposing a curfew in Cairo and several other provinces between 19:00 local time and 06:00