‘I’m not afraid’: Former political prisoner sentenced to 3 months of arrest

In court Uladzimir Yaromenak refused to take the stand pointing out that he did not want his trial to be dragged out.

The young opposition activist was charged with for failing to comply with the requirements of “preventive police supervision.” ; a state prosecutor insisting on sentencing him to one year of imprisonment. It was on his wedding day when the young man allegedly violated the rules: an investigtor phoned Mr Yaromenak and asked him to come and have a conversation. The talk might have been put off for two days but on July 16 Mr Yaromenak got to know that another criminal case had been initiated against him as far back as May 24, 2013…

“My defence lawyer said we could appeal against some aspects of the case, but I am under no illusions,” Uladzimir told Belsat TV. “Since the very moment I was informed about opening a criminal investigation policemen have not visited me. As they believed their task to be fulfilled there was nothing to check. Earlier they used to control whether I was at home within hours specified.”

Being asked about the difference between fruitful activity and its imitation the former political prisoner stressed that a lot of opposition activists wre busy with establishing organising committees, holding round-table negotiations, etc. According to him, it is nothing but publicity stunts that give no results, but this only afford some leaders ground for saying “We keep acting!”.“There are some projects, and one should pretend they are really being developed,” Mr Yaromenak told Belsat TV reporter Zmitser Yahorau.

“Opposition should talk to people. Opposition parties are not enough to revolutionize a country, there will be no change,” he stated.

“Are you ready to go back to prison again?” our journalist asked Uladzimir. “Be that as it may. The Lord will always protect me. I am not afraid,” he answered.


Uladzimir Yaromenak, a member of Young Front, was arrested in January, 2011 Being adjudged guilty of participation in mass events after the 2010 presidential elections he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. In August 2011 the activist was released on parole.




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