Statkevich loses consciousness in jail

The situation in Mahiliou prison has been further deteriorated, the wife said.

“The [prison] commission had hardly revoked his status of a flagrant violator before he was charged with other violations [of penitentiary regime]. They have been held over for ten long days; someone might have blown a fuse,” Maryna Adamovich wrote on her Facebook.

According to Ms Adamovich, the administration was apparently expecting that something wrong would happen to the ex-presidential candidate. Indeed, as the political prisoner started suffering from a slight indisposition he was taken to the medical unit and diagnosed as having hypertension. “After medical assistance provided he got worse, and when he lost consciousness the following day they were playing a waiting game for twenty minutes although Mikalai’s cellmate was keeping knocking on the door,” she stressed.

Moreover, a bit later the prison officers seized the politician’s letter to his wife. “Why? Did they wand the word to leak out as late as possible? Did they plan anything else? Or were they in a hurry?” Maryna Adamovich wondered.

The political prisoner has hardly had any letters: for example, on his 57th birthday nothing more than two postcards were handed over to him. By comparison, only via MEP Marek Migalski’s website about 900 letters had been sent to Statkevich within 10 days. The prison administration keeps trying to convince Statkevich of his being left and forgotten by all, Ms Adamovich believes.

“Lately I have got to know that as far back as April when Mikalai was ill warm clothes were taken away from his cell. It’s a pretty piece of therapy, isn’t it?” she added.



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