Holiday season in Belarusian style: Egypt still in favour

Egyptian unrest might have reached famous resorts but there are still a lot of Belarusians wishing to spend their holidays there, tour operators say.

According to the information provided by Egypt’s Health Ministry, 525 people were killed in violence on Wednesday throughout the country, while 3,717 were wounded. Egypt has declared a month-long state of emergency imposing a curfew in Cairo and several other provinces between 19:00 local time and 06:00, which will affect the interests of travellers as well.

In a good odour with Belarusians

“People come and say they want to go to Egypt,” travel agency Fortuna Tour told Belsat TV.

“Where can Belarusians go without a visa, except Egypt and Turkey?” Alena Bialko, Vice Chairman of L-Tours, said. A lot of people opt for Egypt because its visa regime is relaxed, she stresses. “Employees at some companies have been granted their leaves without being warned in advance because their duties are nominal. They would not manage to get a visa to any other country for such a short period.”

As a last minute deal to Egypt may cost even $400 a number of tourists has reduced only slightly comparing to the previous year. L-Tours sends appr. 350 persons a day there, Ms Bialko said. “There have not been any complaints or danger alerts from our tourists yet,” she stressed.

Families with children refrain from such trips

According to Fortuna Tour, sometimes customers do cancel their voyages, but it is rather the exception than the rule: it is the parents concerned over the situation in the country of destination who take such steps. “If a tour operator possessed information about any risks a flight would be cancelled,” they said.

If the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declares the situation in Egypt dangerous a tour operator should evacuate his customers for free, compensations for interrupted holidays are also provided.

MFA recommends holding back from going to Egypt

There are no Belarusians among victims of unrest in Egypt, MFA Spokesman Andrey Savinych told Belsat TV. “We are studying the situation in the country, and if it is necessary we will announce evacuation measures,” he said.

By the moment the Foreign Ministry has advised our citizens not to plan their holidays in the region. As for the Belarusians who are currently staying in Egypt the officials warned them against leaving resort zones and visiting Cairo and other large cities.



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