Belarusian woman allegedly kidnapped by Syrian rebels

Andrey Savinykh, spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, expressed concern about the reported abduction. “At the moment we are examining all the information available cooperating with our embassy in Syria and using other channels. But it is too soon to make any conclusions now,” he said.

A video telling the story of two women, allegedly citizens of Belarus and Moldova, appeared on Youtube on August 9. Both were captured by Syrian rebels. Being at the point of guns Sviatlana Markiyanovich and Karina Koltso read out a statement saying that the women came to Syria under cover of journalists. Sent by a Hesbollah commander, they were to spy and collect information about the Free Syrian army, their statement says.

Belarusian-born Sviatlana Markiyanovich has a user account in social media On June 17, 2013 she visited her page last. It is interesting that it contains a photo of her posing against a porthole.

The 30-year-old woman used to live in the town of Zhodzina (Minsk region) together with her grandmother, RFE/RL reports. Zinaida Markiyanovich confirmed the information that her granddaughter had left the town in June, 2013. Mrs Markiyanovich is not aware of Sviatlana’s whereabouts and never heard about Syria. Her granddaughter worked in the trade sector and travelled often. Sviatlana Markianovich was bound to go back in September, the grandmother said.

As for Karina Koltso, on July 25 she left “to earn money”, Leonid Bydko, the Moldovian citizen’s brother, told journalists. A week ago she phoned her relatives and said that she had been kidnapped. The 32-year-old single is believed to be a drifter. Her brother has not applied to police on the subject yet.



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