Church in Maryina Horka: arrested priest’s project

Belsat TV crew has visited the town of Maryina Horka to see what was built there under the supervision of arrested priest Uladzislau Lazar.

“He has been set up. He built a Roman Catholic church in Maryina Horka, it is very good and beautiful. They tormented him asking where he had got money for construction,” the priest’s mother told newspaper Nasha Niva.

According to his parents, Mr Lazar used to live in an unpretentious way wearing clothes and boots for 6 years. He took his boots to his father for mending. Sister Yanina also visited Maryina Horka to help her brother. She remembered covering floor and repairing the stairs because it was dangerous to go up and down.

Uladzislau Lazar decided to put a statue of Virgin Mary in front of the church and install a fountain there. He was deeply impressed by the things he saw in Poland, and was bound in honour to do the same in Maryina Horka, the sister says. “He planted grass and paved paths; when I visited him we dug a pit for that fountain. We were wheeling stones, he did it himself – 40 barrows a day! As he wanted everything to be clean and tidy, he covered the surface and did reverting works. He bought a special pool for water <…> When the fountain was ready he was very glad that his dream came true,” she added.

Even his parents whose health is poor came to Maryina Horka and admired the work of their son.


On July 26, 2013 President Aliaksandr Lukashenka revealed that authorities had recently arrested an officer of a Belarusian intelligence agency who had supplied information to “foreign states” through representatives of the Catholic Church.

After his statement the information on the arrest of priest Uladzislau Lazar appeared in social media. In cases of conflicts with the authorities priests who come from abroad may count on diplomatic assistance. As priest Lazar is a citizen of Belarus his one recourse is the Vatican.



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