Belarusians: Opposition should stir people up

Sponsors of a national referendum have visited another Belarusian region.

The representatives of movement “For Freedom!”, the Belarusian People’s Front and campaign “Tell the Truth!” took part in a trip to Slonim district. They had conversations with local residents: workers, small entrepreneurs, shoppers and visitors to polyclinics.

“You should stir people up because the things came to such a pitch that we go to shops as to museums… You should speak to people, and they will hear you and start thinking and doing something,” a resident of Slonim suggests.

Andrey Dzmitryeu, Deputy Chair of civil campaign Tell the Truth!, said that this trip, which has been 17th in the frames of initiative “National Referendum”, proves that “Belarus is united in the questions that people raise, in their state of mind, hopes and anticipations”.

“These days there is suffocating atmosphere of apathy which may be got over only remembering of people, talking and listening to them,” he stresses.

Aliaksey Yanukevich, Leader of the BPF, adds that such visits aim to ask people’s opinions of the idea of a national referendum and get to know the main issues that Belarusians are concerned over: “We see that the majority of people agree to the fact that the country needs a number of systematic changes”.

Yuras Hubarevich, Vice Chair of For Freedom, also points out that people are ready for change and want it: “I was greatly impressed with the fact that no one we talked to today was a supporter of the present-day regime”.



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