Arrested priest’s sister: Police bother life out of us

Belsat TV has visited the parents and relatives of priest Uladzislau Lazar who was arrested by the State Security Committee (KGB) for alleged espionage.

“I do not understand – journalists came to me, and in a twink a lot of police cars arrived. There have never been such a lot of policemen! Their control is severe: anywhere I go they trace me and spy; if I step away they are also present on the spot. People feel indignant seeing that <…> Our settlement is small and calm – what can happen here?” Yanina, priest Lazar’s sister, said.

In the village of Konyukhi, the native place of the priest, his father Mikhas Lazar told Belsat journalists about the son’s path to God and studies at a seminary, and sister Yanina related the story of priest Lazar’s building the church in Maryina Horka.

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