15-year-old creator of ‘Punishers of Belarus’ leaves country

A 15-year-old resident of Lyuban, Ivan Shashko, was detained by the GUBOPiK officers in early December. He is the creator of the second Telegram channel “Punishers of Belarus”, where the personal data of the security forces were published. Now Ivan is abroad, with his mother’s relatives, “Nasha Niva” writes.

15-year-old Ivan Shashko. Screen video

Ivan Shashko is the creator of the second Telegram channel “Punishers of Belarus”. First, the guy duplicated the main channel, and then he created his own chat bot, where users sent information.

He was detained by 10 people – riot policemen and an employee of the GUBOPiK.

Ivan said that they beat him “not hard, they broke his lip, basically they just threatened, fortunately, they did not get further than that.” Riot policemen said that the boy “is lucky that he is not 18, otherwise they would have simply “finished him”.

They interrogated him in Minsk. The police were interested in administrators and information sources.

“I didn’t disclose the administrators, but I cleaned the bot a couple of days before the arrest,” Ivan assures.

The interrogation lasted 3.5 hours, after which he was released home.

Since the boy is a minor, it was not so easy to bring him to criminal responsibility. But he actually managed to escape.

When asked how he did it, Ivan answered:

“It was borderline fiction. To say more is to frame really cool guys. But it was an adventure. You know, I was told that someday we will be able to say out loud the names of our heroes. Apparently, then I can tell how it was. But I assure you, I got out by a miracle. Literally slipped into the eye of a needle.”