Zhlobin: Man gets 2 years of restriction of liberty for insulting policeman on web

On Monday, Zhlobin district court completed hearing the criminal case of Mikalai Lyohki, spring96.org reports.

The man was accused of insulting a police officer (Article 369 of the Criminal Code).

On July 12, the Zhlobil resident was reading the Telegram chat of A Country for Life and saw a photo which showed Hantsavichy traffic policeman Ihar Volnich kicking a detainee. In the emotion of the moment, Lyohki wrote a few insulting words; there were lots of emotional comments left by other people under that post.

A criminal case against Mikalai was launched nine months later, in late April.

The party of charge was represented by public prosecutor Panchyk. In court, Lyohki admitted his guilt, but judge Iryna Pradun sentenced him to two years of restriction of liberty in an open-type correctional institution. In turn, the police officer also claimed for ‘emotional distress’ damages; the defendant will have to pay off 750 Belarusian rubles.

Mikalai Lyohki is a former diver, but later he worked at the Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ). Together with his wife and two minor children, he resides in a room in the company-owned dormitory, but now the family fears that they might be evicted from there.

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