Riot police detain several fans at solidarity match

Law enforcers did not allow people to wear T-shirts with the number of detained sports journalists and soccer players of “Krumkachy” Alyaksandr Ivulin to enter the stadium, reports.

The soccer match of the First League between “Krumkachy” and “Volna” took place at the stadium of the sports complex “Olympic” in Minsk. Riot police were seen in the stands, which has not happened before this season. Special police unit commander of Minsk city executive committee Dzmitry Balaba was also present at the match.

According to eyewitnesses, people in T-shirts with the number 25, which is the game number of the “Krumkachy” player Alyaksandr Ivulin, who was sentenced to 30 days of arrest for allegedly hanging out the WRW flag in the window, were not allowed into the stadium. Several people were taken to the police vans by the law enforcers.

Euroradio reports that two girls walking to the match with the number “25” on balloons were detained.

As a sign of solidarity, the players of “Krumkachy” showed a T-shirt with the number 25 after scoring a goal today.

Minsk police commented on the situation in their Telegram channel @police_minsk:

“Police officers took four citizens to the Minsk territorial police department for identification. Later, the citizens have been released. No administrative proceedings have been initiated against them. The police protect public order during sporting events. The main goal of law enforcers is to prevent offenses and provocations among the crowd.”