Prime Ministers of Baltic States want Belarusian issue to be priority on EU agenda

The heads of governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia recently stated about the need to support the Belarusian people not only by words, but in deeds as well, Radio Liberty reports.

This was stated during the talks of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian heads of government in the Baltic Council.

The meeting, which was held remotely, was attended by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

According to the prime ministers, it is necessary to keep the Belarusian issue as a priority on the EU agenda.

Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Simonyte also said that her country was not satisfied with the fulfillment of the recommendations for the stress tests of the Belarusian NPP. She recalled the conclusions of the European Commission on the exclusion of energy produced at hazardous power plants from the EU market.