Hrodna Azot management prepares for fourth package of EU sanctions

The European Union has already introduced three packages of sanctions against the Belarusian authorities after the presidential elections in 2020. At the moment the sanctions are applied to 88 individuals and seven legal entities. Hrodna Azot management is planning to develop appropriate measures in case a new package of EU sanctions is introduced.

On March 12, Hrodna Azot held a meeting of top engineers discussing production plans as well as the upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Raman Halouchanka. Ihar Lyashenka, General Director of one of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, instructed the specialists to develop measures to streamline the Hrodna Azot operation in case of sanctions, as the company’s website reports.

Ihar Lyashenka. Photo: Belneftekhim Bulletin

“The General Director has been instructed to develop measures to optimize the company’s work in case of European sanctions against Belarus,” said the press service of the company.

The issue is to be worked out together with Belneftekhim, of which Hrodna Azot is part.