Police detain 19 skiers near Maladzechna

Around noon on February 14 the police detained skiers in Maladzechna. According to Belsat readers, there were more than 20 people in total. With their skiing equipment they left the town, where they were surrounded by law-enforcers and taken to Maladzechna police department.

Detention of the skiers in Maladzechna

There is no contact with the detainees, but one of them was able to call a friend and ask for the location of the city parking lot. Apparently, the skiers’ cars were arrested. The alleged detainees are neither available via cell phones nor landlines.

Detention of skiers in Maladzechna Photo: screenshot from MIA video

The MIA has already commented on the detention of the skiers, explaining it by the fact that Maladzechna district police department received a message from a branch of Minskenergo that a crowd of people had gathered near the electrical substation in the village of Lyashno. The complainants did not rule out the probable damage of high-voltage power lines by foreign objects.

“Under the guise of skiing, a group of about 20 people gathered and held an unsanctioned rally using WRW symbols. Active participants of the event, 11 women and 8 men, were detained and taken to the district department for investigation,” informs the Interior Ministry.

All detainees are residents of Maladzechna, including a 65-year-old woman.