Opposition calls to put hot button issues to referendum

Three opposition organisations – For Freedom movement, Tell the Truth civil campaign and the Belarusian People’s Front (BPF) – have disclosed their intention to hold a national referendum in which the most crucial issues might be submitted to the popular vote.

The organisers should start making arrangements for the referendum on condition that the Belarusian people fully support the idea of it otherwise the current authorities might block the initiative by means of administrative pressure, Yuras Hubarevich, Vice-chairman of For Freedom movement, stressed.

According to Mr Hubarevich, one of the main purposes of the preparations for the nation-wide voting is to establish Belarusians’ sore subjects: “Our society does not trust the authorities anymore but it is still not ready to take well to opposition because it failed to have a way to people and their matters of concern. We would like to take a different track placing the main issues of people’s concern before them because their destinies and their families’ and the country’s future depend on solving the problems”.

It is supposed that up to six key issues touching the country’s economy, human rights violations, legal system, etc will be set. After collecting and defining the questions to be answered by the referendum the opposition activists are going to popularize them among the citizens, Mr Hubarevich added. They also intend to raise people’s awareness during the 2014 parliament election campaign.



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