Lithuanian journalists disclose Eurovision secrets

Two Russian-speaking men were paying for votes for the representative of Azerbaijan at the 2013 Eurovision song contest, reports. After such a questionable deal had been offered to them Lithanian students contacted reporters of the e-media…

To discuss their strategy the organisers arranged a meeting which was also attended by. two journalists. During a 10-minute conversation they explained how it worked, how many countries participated in the scheme, and show how they were going to pay. One of the men, Sergey, stated that all the countries which are eager to win buy up votes in such a way.

According to the scheme offered, there are some “support groups” in every city of a country. Each participant is provided with several mobile phones and SIM-cards with their accounts topped up. One should vote up to twenty times from one mobile phone otherwise a service provider may get suspicious and block a number. Each group has a curator to look after the process of voting and later pay for it.

The journalists did not even have to touch upon the burning issues: being overwhelmingly frank the perspective employers were revealing all the details and making a show of bundles of money. Both praised that they were organising voting for Azerbaijan in fifteen different countries.

After the final results came in, it turned out that Lithuanians did favour Azerbaijan’s Eurovision entry, giving it the highest score of 12 points.

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