Journalist Iryna Slaunikava and her husband were not released after jail term

After 15 days in jail, Iryna Slaunikava and her husband Alyaksandr Loyka were not released.

They were supposed to be released last night, but it did not happen. Why this did not happen is unknown. Apparently, the spouses were detained again.

Iryna Slaunikava and Alyaksandr Loyka. Photo: Alyaksandr Loyka / Facebook

Iryna and Alyaksandr were arrested on October 30 at the Minsk Airport, when they were returning from a vacation. Three days later, they were sentenced to 15 days in jail for keeping materials on Facebook that were deemed “extremist.”

During the trial, Alyaksandr said that he and Iryna were detained at the passport control, handcuffed, and not allowed to collect their luggage. He noted that Iryna was detained in a brutal way.

The jail cell where Iryna and nine other women were held was on a hunger strike because of pressure and torture.