Swimmer Alyaksandra Herasimenia sells her gold medal on eBay

Alyaksandra Herasimenia, a world and European champion in swimming and the head of the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation (BSSF), has sold her gold medal from the World Championship 2012 on eBay. She will transfer the funds from the sale to the BSSF.

The gold medal, which Herasimenia won at the world championship in 2012, was sold on eBay for $16,100.

After authorities opened a criminal case against her, the champion said she decided to sell her gold medal and donate the money to support athletes.

“The medal is dear to me, I then set a national record. And this world gold is for the sake of peace in our country. I want to support all athletes and all Belarusians. I believe that belief in success is 90% of success. Join our project ZOZH, and we will win,” urged Alyaksandra Herasimenia.

As reported earlier, the Belarusian authorities started criminal prosecution of BSSF leaders Alyaksandra Herasimenia and Alyaksandr Apeykin over the foundation’s harshly criticising the Lukashenka regime. They accuse the two emigre athletes of ‘spreading deliberately false information about the course and results of the election campaign, about events in the social, economic, political, cultural spheres of the society’s life’.

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