Out of mouth of babes: ‘Lenin won’t attack us’

Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow welcomes its visitors after a lapse of five months: the museum has been repaired.

Numerous tourists and even groups of pupils have already caused queues to see the body of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. Russian society has been carrying on polemics on the destiny of the mausoleum and his main “inhabitant” for many years. But the body is unlikely to be buried in the very near future: according to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Mausoleum “fits into the tradition”.

At some meeting he even compared the preservation of the leader’s body to the tradition of retaining holy relics…

“As a USSR-born, I cannot imagine Red Square being without the Mausoleum but in the context of Christianity, a dead man should be committed to earth,” a woman said.

Even children are taken to Lenin’s tomb. “When I saw Lenin I was scared a bit but then I calmed down: he is dead and won’t attack us like a ghost,” a nine-year visitor shared her impressions with journalists.



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