Monstrous chupakabra appears in Belarusian Polesye?

The strange creature comes back again: its traces in the village of Ziolava (Drahichyn district), Vecherniy Brest reports.

“Last weekend I went to Brest. After I returned I found out that somebody had bitten and killed 3 four-month nanny goats which were big enough. Today my neighbour has found three goatlings choked to death,” Sviatlana Lysikava, a resident of the village, said.

Seeking any help the locals addressed to the regional inspectorate for flora and fauna protection. Hunters are due to come to size up the situation, Deputy Head Siarhei Shtyk said. The crew will study the mysterious predator’s traces which were abundantly left in the territory of the village. There are also some balls of its wool on the plot.

Stsiapan Yukhimuk states that he saw a large animal which resembled a dog or a wolf having a dark coat. Moreover, Sviatlana Lysikava managed to photograph it and take the dimensions of the traces allegedly left by “chupakabra” (8*10 cm).

Last year a maraunding beast was reported to make appearance in the town of Starobin (Salihorsk district) and Slonim (Hrodna region)

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