No reason given: Activist kept in police station

Yesterday, on Victory Day, Pavel Vinahradau, the leader of Zmena, a youth wing of Tell the Truth civil campaign, had to spend 9 hours in Maskouski District Directorate of Interior in Minsk.

Two officers of the district’s penal body, Listapadau and Luzhynski, collected the activist from his flat without assigning any reason. Mr Vinahradau was released at about 17:00.

In the Directorate Mr Vinahradau had to watch two films about alcohol misuse and careless driving (!) in the frames of corresponding prevention programs. Pavel Vinahradau stressed that he had been kept in the police station until Uladzimir Yaromenak, an activist of Young Front, got liberty after spending 15 days under arrest. The latter was to be met near the temporary detention facility in Akrestsina street in Minsk; Pavel was among organisers of the meeting and that is why he might have been detained, his wife Sviatlana believes

It is noteworthy that aching to snag the plan policemen took Yaromenak out of the city on the Q.T., blocked his mobile phone and dropped him off near Rakau (about 40 km from Minsk). But friends managed to find him and drive back to Akrestsina street where he was warmly welcomed by associates.

Two weeks ago Pavel Vinahradau was sentenced to 12-day arrest for hanging the portrait of ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich and a white-red-white flag over the entrance to underground station Niamiga in Minsk. He was found guilty of acting in violation of regulations governing demonstrations. According to judge Viktoriya Shabunya, by displaying the image the young man staged an unsanctioned demonstration. He was released on May, 4.


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