Injured activist: “I just wanted to take a picture of a police car”

The policemen who were escorting Volha will linger on in her memory.

Volha Padzeryna was arrested on the night of the 8th/9th near her block of flats in Minsk. Having noticed a police car she decided to take a photograph of it but a policeman who practically came out of the blue choked her off. After the girl expressed her protest she was accused of petty crime and taken to a police station.

Accompanied by policemen Volha was going down the stairs. She started to struggle; in reply the policeman gave her a push down the stairs: as a result the girl injured her leg and arm. Only after her parents came she was released. Volha captured traumas on film and is going to stand upon her rights.

it is not the first time that Volha Padzeryna has been detained: she spent 5 days in arrest for participating in picketing in supports of political prisoners. She also was sentenced to 10 days in jail for sticking leaflets.


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